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Automate labor intensive processes to power your growth

Leverage the latest advances in Machine Learning to reduce costs and offer users a better experience.

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Fraud Prevention

custom solutions for higher accuracy

fraudulent payment detection

reduce chargebacks by getting real-time transaction risk assesment

account takeover detection

detect unusual activity by users before they lead to chargebacks

less manual review

faster payments, lower costs.

data privacy

your users’ data never leaves your cloud and is only used to solve your problem.

better accuracy

less fraud, more approved transactions

Content Moderation

maintain the standards of what your users post or sell on your site

We offer automated solutions to address your unique publishing and posting policies for e-commerce and social networks. Each solution is trained to detect only violations of your policies.

illegal content

Automatically detect posts promoting illegal items and services.

intellectual property

Automatically detect counterfeits to protect your platform from lawsuits.

hate speech and cyberbullying

Offer a safe environment for your users by detecting abusive behavior.

custom policies

Spot violations of your platform's unique policies using our custom trained engine.

Why Us

Benefit from the latest advances in machine learning

by relying on a dedicated team of machine learning experts.

Leverage our world class expertise

to rapidly build and deploy custom solutions.

Enjoy peace of mind

knowing our solutions are built to scale and come with ironclad support services.


machine learning for businesses

Mantika was founded in 2011 by Salah Rifai and Xavier Muller, two graduate students at University of Montreal.

Prior to founding Mantika, they were already active researchers in the Deep Learning community.

Leveraging their extensive academic background to build state of the art machine learning applications, they have since accumulated more than a decade of experience in creating robust commercial application based on the latest research in machine learning.

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